iPhone XI User Guide iOS 12

iphone xi user guide pdf

iPhone XI User Guide iOS 12 – This iPhone advantages guide iOS 12 will help you to set up new iPhone XI and iPone XI plus. The complete user manual iPhone XI manual pdf is the free file to download for new iPhone XI user guide pdf via our link.

iPhone XI User Guide iOS 12

iphone xi user guide pdfiPhone XI User Guide

Learning official iPhone user guide before set up your new iPhone, for quick guide available in a printable iPhone XI quick start guide inside of the box of your device.

Buy a new iPhone XI by follow new iPhone upgrade program is the way to get new iPhone every years with a smart discount from Apple Store or get it from an official store or from your network provider some times make a new bundle or an unlocked iPhone versions.

Read the complete iPhone XI User Guide and Download iPhone XI User Guide PDF or iPhone XI manual PDF/ iPhone XI plus manual pdf here.

iOS 12 User Guide

Read iOS 12 user guide or download iOS 12 User Guide for iPhone here.

The iOS 12 updates new feautres from iOS 11 released on September 19, introduces major design changes, new app features, and a complete interface overhaul for the iPad. The new future iOS 12 informations for iPad Pro owners, the Apple Pencil does more, and several apps, like Mail and Notes for next generations iOS 13 released on 2019.


How to Set up iPhone X Plus

iphone xi user guide

How to Set up iPhone X Plus – Follow how do i set up new iPhone when settings iPhone X plus below. Our iPhone guide based on iPhone X user guide to setup new iPhone, for iPhone X plus manual pdf, iPhone XI user guide, iPhone X2 user guide or iPhone 9 can download later.

How to Set up iPhone X Plus

iphone xi user guideThe first time i set up new iPhone X Plus as a new iPhone, if you need an upgrade guide from and old iPhone or upgrade from Android see below on post.

Manual to set as New iPhone

Ones again this is the iPhone basic guide from an iPhone X user guide, just a beginner’s not an advantages or ultimate guide. If you need an iBook you can get from iTunes.

1 Turn on iPhone X Plus (iPhone XI / iPhone X2/ iPhone 9) by press the side buttons on your new device.

2. Press until the Apple logo apears on your device.

3. Read the the welome screen they not need your smile or hello answer from you 🙂

4. Chooce your own languages and Accept agreements with you and Apple Corp.

5. Follow iPhone X Plus user guide on screen intructions

Need to read full iPhone User Guide or download iPhone X Plus user guide PDF?

Oh.. need an iPhone XI User Guide? or iPhone XI Plus user guide?

Just The manual iPhone X2?

Ok guys click the link fo get all you need to know about new iPhone 2018 and how to setup new iPhone here.


HTC10 BlinkFeed

HTC10 BlinkFeed – Get the latest news about your interests or status updates from your friends right on HTC BlinkFeed. Set up HTC10  BlinkFeed which social networks, news sources, and more will appear.

HTC10 BlinkFeed

HTC 10 BlinkFeedYou can make the HTC10 settings as whay you want and personalize HTC10 BlinkFeed to show articles and status updates from your favorite news sources and apps.

  1. Swipe up or down to browse stories on HTC BlinkFeed.
  2. Tap a tile to view the content. If it’s a video tile, you can watch the video in full screen, hear the audio, and control the playback.
  3. While viewing a news article, swipe left or right to see more stories.
  4. While in HTC BlinkFeed, you can press HOME or to scroll to the top.
  5. Scroll to the top and pull down on the screen to manually refresh the stream.
  6. Swipe right on HTC BlinkFeed to open the slideout menu where you can choose the type of feeds or add your custom topics to display.
  7. You’ll see the clock widget on HTC BlinkFeed if you’ve set HTC BlinkFeed as the main Home screen.

Turning HTC 10 BlinkFeed on or off
You can turn HTC 10 BlinkFeed off when your Home screen layout is set to Classic.

  1. On the Home screen, slide two fingers together, than tap.
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. To turn on HTC BlinkFeed, swipe right until you see BlinkFeed, then tap it.
  4. To turn off HTC BlinkFeed, swipe to the thumbnail and then tap Remove.

HTC10 Quick Settings

HTC10 Quick Settings – Read The HTC10 manual to settings the power of 10 by HTC. In the Quick Settings panel, easily turn settings such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on or off.

HTC10 Quick Settings

HTC10 Quick SettingsThe tutorial of HTC10  instructions what you can do by read HTC10 Settings  in the following:

  1. With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar.
  2. Swipe down twice from the status bar.
  3. To turn a setting on or off, just tap its tile.
  4. If there are available options for a setting, tap to choose from the options.

Many tutorial to get the best of power of 10 HTC. This article help you to know your HTC10 settings. if you want to change the ringtone, set up a Wi-Fi connection, or add your accounts? Do this and more in HTC10 Settings.

  1. Open Settings from the Apps screen, Notifications panel, or Quick Settings panel.
  2. From the Home screen, tap to switch to the Apps screen, and then tap Settings.
  3. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Notifications panel, and then tap
  4. With two fingers, swipe down from the top of the screen to open Quick Settings, and then tap .

Here are some of the HTC 10 basic settings you can change to get the best :

  1. Tap the On/Off switch next to an item such as Wi-Fi to turn it on or off. Tap the item itself to configure its settings.
  2. Tap Sound & notification to set a ringtone, choose a sound profile, and configure notification settings.
  3. Tap Personalize to change the wallpaper, add apps and widgets to the Home screen, and more.
  4. Tap Accounts & sync to add and sign in to your different accounts, such as email, social networks, and more.
  5. Tap Security to help secure HTC 10, for example with a screen lock.

Enjoy taking great experience with HTC10 and make best camera shots on HTC 10. The camera interface has a fresh new look, neatly organized to make it faster for you to switch modes and change your settings.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wifi Settings and Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wifi Settings and Tutorial – The Note 7 Wi-Fi settings menu allows you to set up NOTE 7 many of your device’s advanced Note 7 Wi-Fi services.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wifi Settings and Tutorial

Read here Samsung Note 7 Wifi Settings and Note 7 Tutorial

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi, and then tap On/Off to turn on Wi-Fi.
  3. Tap More options for options:

Samsung Note 7 Advanced Options :Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wifi Settings and Tutorial

  • Show Wi-Fi pop-up: Receive a pop-up when opening apps if a Wi-Fi network is available.
  • Smart network switch: Connect automatically to a mobile network connection when the Wi-Fi connection is unstable.
  • Wi-Fi notifications: Receive notifications when Wi-Fi networks in range are detected.
  • Hotspot 2.0: Automatically connect to Wi‑Fi access points that support Hotspot 2.0.
  • Manage networks: Manage your saved Wi‑Fi networks.
  • WPS push button: Set up a connection to a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) router or other equipment.
  • WPS PIN entry: View the PIN used by your device to set up a PIN-secured connection to a Wi-Fi router or other equipment (not configurable).
  • Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Specify when to disconnect from Wi-Fi.
  • Install network certificates: Install authentication certificates
  • MAC address: View your device’s MAC address, which is required when connecting to some secured networks (not configurable).
  • IP address: View your device’s IP address (not configurable).

If you need help to Learn about note 7 setting up and using Wi-Fi networks, and other Samsung Note 7 settings follow us and read for next post.


Samsung Note 7 Settings

Samsung Note 7 Settings – Tutorial to configure your ga;axy note7 device’s to get the best connections and settings note7, read the note to manual before add accounts, you can  customize Home screens on note7, add an apps as you want, and get the note 7 special features.Samsung Note 7 settings

Samsung Note 7 Settings

After samsung note 7 release date and more people buy then ubboxing the note7, the beginners ask how to use Settings a nd how to Access Settings note 7 as the best.
There are a couple tutorial of samsung note 7 inch tablet a ways to access your Note 7 settings. The fastway to setting is from the note7 display or a note 7 Home screen,

Tap Apps > Settings.
Here the other note 7 quick start guide to acces Samsung Note7 Settings
Drag down from the Status bar to display the notification panel, and then tap Settings.
Search for Manual Settings
If samsung note 7 wont turn on and you are not sure exactly where to find a certain setting, you can use the Search feature.

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings.
  2. Tap Search.
  • Enter a word or words in the Search field. As you type, settings that match display on the screen.
  • Tap an entry to go to that setting.

Settings Note 7 Airplane Mode

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge TutorialNote 7 Airplane mode disconnects your Galaxy Note7 from all networks and turns off Note7 connectivity features, such as phone calls and Samsung Note 7 Wi-Fi.

When your Note 7 in Airplane mode, you can use Note 7 offline features and other features such as playing music, watching videos, and other offline applications.
Samsung Note 7 Tutorial to enable Airplane Mode
Note 7Setting tutorial to enable or disable Airplane mode Note 7 :
1. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings.
2. Tap Airplane mode, and then tap On/Off to enable or disable the option.

iPhone 7 Security Guide

iPhone 7 Security GuideSecurity Guide Manual for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus 8 lock screen , iPhone 7 S, iPhone Pro from Apple engineers are said to be working on beefier security measures for the new iPhone.  Security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset, such as a person, dwelling, community, item, nation, or organization.

As noted by the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM) in the OSSTMM 3, security provides “a form of protection where a separation is created between the assets and the threat.” These separations are generically called “controls,” and sometimes include changes to the asset or the threat.

Security is said to have two dialogues. Negative dialogue is about danger, risk, threat and etc. Positive dialogue is about opportunities, interests, profits, and etc. Negative dialogue needs military equipment, armies, or police. Positive dialogue needs social capital, education, or social interaction

iPhone 7 Security Guide

iPhone 7 Tutorial though security hasn’t often been a major focus of the iPhone rumor mill, the vast majority of recent headlines in both major and fringe publications have involved Apple’s ongoing battle with the Apple vs FBI over just that. The Financial Times reported that Apple is working on ways to encrypt data stored via its iCloud service, which could further frustrate law enforcement agencies in investigations. And according to the New York Times, Apple engineers are now working on new security measures to prevent iPhone hacking. We hopes that this development will bring security closer to the fore for both smartphone consumers and manufacturers. If nothing else, it’s an issue with all kinds of interesting ramifications for issues ranging from the iPhone 7s user interface to its privacy settings.

iPhone 7 Connections

The Tutorials iPhone 7 Connections The one of the most most widely speculated upon topics to date involves the connectivity standards the iPhone 7 will support. Rumor has it that Apple may potentially omit the 3.5mm headphone jack, a standard on every preceding iPhone, in favor of an all-in-one Lightning connector. This would accommodate a thinner chassis perhaps shaving off as much as one millimeter. And there is fact to support this thesis: Philips showed off Lightning-only headphones earlier in 2015, though they apparently have yet to be released.

We according to Barclays analysts, however, as reported by AppleInsider, the iPhone 7 will indeed omit a 3.5mm headphone jack. But, in its traditional place will be a second speaker, powered by an amp manufactured by Cirrus Logic. The analysts also countered recent rumors suggesting that the iPhone 7 would have dynamic noise cancellation, suggesting that it will use a digital codec instead.

Despite for USB Type-C growing ubiquity as the standard for other smartphones, tablets and PCs, it feels unlikely. Yes, Apple made USB-C the only connector in its 2015 MacBook revamp, but the company has elsewhere doubled-down on Lightning in the past year, adding it to new Mac accessories, Beats speakers, the iPad Pro’s Pencil accessory and the new iPhone Smart Battery Case. manualtutorials 2016