Samsung Note 7 Settings

Samsung Note 7 Settings – Tutorial to configure your ga;axy note7 device’s to get the best connections and settings note7, read the note to manual before add accounts, you can  customize Home screens on note7, add an apps as you want, and get the note 7 special features.Samsung Note 7 settings

Samsung Note 7 Settings

After samsung note 7 release date and more people buy then ubboxing the note7, the beginners ask how to use Settings a nd how to Access Settings note 7 as the best.
There are a couple tutorial of samsung note 7 inch tablet a ways to access your Note 7 settings. The fastway to setting is from the note7 display or a note 7 Home screen,

Tap Apps > Settings.
Here the other note 7 quick start guide to acces Samsung Note7 Settings
Drag down from the Status bar to display the notification panel, and then tap Settings.
Search for Manual Settings
If samsung note 7 wont turn on and you are not sure exactly where to find a certain setting, you can use the Search feature.

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings.
  2. Tap Search.
  • Enter a word or words in the Search field. As you type, settings that match display on the screen.
  • Tap an entry to go to that setting.

Settings Note 7 Airplane Mode

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge TutorialNote 7 Airplane mode disconnects your Galaxy Note7 from all networks and turns off Note7 connectivity features, such as phone calls and Samsung Note 7 Wi-Fi.

When your Note 7 in Airplane mode, you can use Note 7 offline features and other features such as playing music, watching videos, and other offline applications.
Samsung Note 7 Tutorial to enable Airplane Mode
Note 7Setting tutorial to enable or disable Airplane mode Note 7 :
1. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings.
2. Tap Airplane mode, and then tap On/Off to enable or disable the option.


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