HTC10 BlinkFeed

HTC10 BlinkFeed – Get the latest news about your interests or status updates from your friends right on HTC BlinkFeed. Set up HTC10  BlinkFeed which social networks, news sources, and more will appear.

HTC10 BlinkFeed

HTC 10 BlinkFeedYou can make the HTC10 settings as whay you want and personalize HTC10 BlinkFeed to show articles and status updates from your favorite news sources and apps.

  1. Swipe up or down to browse stories on HTC BlinkFeed.
  2. Tap a tile to view the content. If it’s a video tile, you can watch the video in full screen, hear the audio, and control the playback.
  3. While viewing a news article, swipe left or right to see more stories.
  4. While in HTC BlinkFeed, you can press HOME or to scroll to the top.
  5. Scroll to the top and pull down on the screen to manually refresh the stream.
  6. Swipe right on HTC BlinkFeed to open the slideout menu where you can choose the type of feeds or add your custom topics to display.
  7. You’ll see the clock widget on HTC BlinkFeed if you’ve set HTC BlinkFeed as the main Home screen.

Turning HTC 10 BlinkFeed on or off
You can turn HTC 10 BlinkFeed off when your Home screen layout is set to Classic.

  1. On the Home screen, slide two fingers together, than tap.
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. To turn on HTC BlinkFeed, swipe right until you see BlinkFeed, then tap it.
  4. To turn off HTC BlinkFeed, swipe to the thumbnail and then tap Remove.

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